The Brief

YPI Scotland is a large Scottish education charity focussing on helping schools develop a range of skills while championing their local charities through their unique programme of teamwork, research, and competition.

They wanted a bold, well designed website, capable of meeting the needs of their wide user base and meet the demands of their large output of regular news, research papers and events.

Their overall challenge was to distill their wide programme of services and users into an ‘easy to navigate’ interface.

Flux invited us to take their big, bold, innovative design solution and turn into into a set of code that would make it work.


Branding & Web Design: Flux.

Code: Yellow Tractor.


The Solution

Flux designed the bold site structure with 5 colour coded zones and plenty of bespoke visual elements and boldly patterned backgrounds to guide users through the site intuitively.

All posts were to be filtered, cross referenced, and searchable on its own dedicated section of the website.

We Jigsaw-ed together the multiple backgrounds, svgs, dynamic elements and animations so that the overall design works seamlessly on varying screen sizes and platforms.

We made the Zone Pages easy and quick for the client by coding specific links, downloads and videos which were to appear on multiple zones simultaneously, so that the client needed to update the resources just once and in one place only.

Also with the posts area, everything was coded to make: updating, filtering and searching, work easily for both client and user.


The new website is helping YPI Scotland to reach out and serve their wide range of schools, charities and partners.

With their high volume of traffic, updates and downloads – their site’s new bold and contemporary layout, functionality and considered UI also makes it simple to update resources, add new news, papers or stories, and browsing the site – a breeze.