The Brief

The folks at Oasis Marine asked for us to produce a website that would showcase their pioneering mooring Buoy – and the team and partners involved.

The Solution

We designed a website that reflected the company’s goals. We used a clean and modern style layout, incorporating areas of white space and sufficient gaps in the pages for better navigation of content.

The use of sans-serif reflects engineering professionalism and aids clarity of reading of technical content.

Dark red colour titles and accents were used to match their existing branding and ‘Azure’ with fresh lightly tinted variations was chosen for backgrounds to reflect their growing reputation as a modern, pioneering company within the marine engineering world.

Special attention was taken with the photo shoot to highlight the quality and professionalism of the growing team.


The new website is helping Oasis Marine to achieve their primary goal of inspiring potential clients with their latest product developments.

The site’s clean and contemporary layout, combined with a good dash of visuals, bespoke photography and explainer video allows visitors, to some extent, feel the excitement growing around this new company; cultivating more interest in its products and future development.