The Brief

Hyper Luminal Games is a busy, fast growing indie games studio based in Dundee, Scotland.

They wanted their new website to match their ambition, energy and communication style; with plenty of bespoke ‘gaming-style’ features that would make it stand out within a super-competitive world of games design. It needed to be quick and easy to update each of the pages with new gaming videos, stats and information.

Flux invited us to code their spanking new website design.

Lots of fun in the yellow tractor studio on this one: dynamic background colour changes on scroll, bouncing graphics and exploding menus all over the shop – just our cup of tea!


Branding & Web Design: Flux.

Coding: Yellow Tractor.


The Solution

Design and motion – Many of the features – involving multiple layers of motion – were solved with some nifty coding and experimentation, with plenty of time for feedback and iteration to get things working smoothly and on varying platforms.

Functionality – Backend constructed to make it easy and quick for the busy Hyperluminal team to add new gaming content, news, video clips and staff recruitment.


The site’s bold, motion-packed, dynamic layout, combined with the heavy use of quality video clips, illustrations and photos, gives visitors a taste of the professional gaming products that the company is famed for.

The highly crafted game information layout, easily updated from the backend, keeps visitors returning for news and updates on new game projects and clip previews.

The overall site is able to grow and stretch with their expansion of game output, team and partner projects, and still look the business in a fast growing and changing games market.