The Brief

Girls Brigade Scotland, a national christian events and learning based organisation for girls and young women, invited us to design a membership website with online shop and events ticketing system.

The challenge was to create both site and shop to be easy to use, snappy, youthful and vibrant, but also had to reflect a national organisation with a long proud history, and be able to take on more heavy duty technical challenges eg. automating shop inventory, sales, refunds, ordering and ticketing, both online and offline simultaneously.

They also wanted some kind of ‘guide’ to help staff, leaders, different age groups to navigate their extensive library of information, forms, documents and reports, and get to their target destination as quickly and easily as possible.

Oh and some bells and whistles. eg. Bees that wiggle?

Well, we did say: we eat challenges for breakfast.


Web Design & Development: Yellow Tractor

Fashion Photography: Anneleen Lindsay

Product Photography: Blink Imaging


gb example
gb example
gb example

The Solution

Design – We chose pink and gold accents for links and hover events to work with the purple colour branding. Large white spaces and light tinted backgrounds to show off all the new photography.

Professional Photography – To breathe a bit more life into both the site and the shop, we invited a professional product photography company to re-shoot their inventory of products, and commissioned an award-winning, female, fashion photographer, whom we know would work well with the girls and staff, to take them on creative photo-shoots, both outdoors and indoors.

Guide system was effected by creating a dual website, directing the user immediately on entering the homepage to choose between 2 journeys throughout the site.

  1. New to GBS – gold button takes new people to a starter hub page.
  2. GBS Member – purple button members you to the members hub page.

Multi-navigation was setup to help guide different age groups, staff and leaders to their target destinations among the organisation’s extensive library of documents, programmes, stories, reports and forms – without getting lost.

Handshaking of sales, refunds and ticketing was created to automate system updating of records off and online, so when a ticket is booked or an item is bought online, it updates their system offline.

Searchable map finder was created to locate their 137 ‘companies’ around Scotland using a search bar.

gb home


The new website and online shop is helping Girls Brigade Scotland to achieve their primary goal of creating, not just a website chockfull of delicious design and fab photography, but a ‘website that works’ in joining all the dots: shop, ticketing, events, information, maps, offline, online…

They now have a well organised, streamlined, online shop, connecting sales and ticketing with their offline world, and building a clearer path for: staff, parents, leaders and girls – in helping guide each one to their target information much more effectively.

And it looks – braw!